Private coaching is a fantastic option for students who wish to excel in their chosen genre of dance. During a private lesson, dancers can expect to work on specific areas of syllabus, learn new choreography, improve general technique and apply corrections, and be taken through a dance-specific strength and conditioning program designed just for them.

We highly recommend students sitting examinations to attend at least one private lesson per term. For those students wishing to study dance at a professional or competitive level, we encourage fortnightly or monthly private lessons.

What makes us different?

  • Our studio director is a fully qualified pilates instructor, therefore, we heavily incorporate both pilates mat work and reformer repertoire into our private lesson plans to create stronger, healthier and less injury-prone dancers.

  • Private coaching is not only for dancers who wish to compete. We offer private lessons to dancers who are not currently enrolled with us, adults who wish to learn dance starting from a beginner level, dancers who do not wish to dance in a group environment, and for dancers who wish to excel at a professional level in the field of dance.


  • Private lessons are $45 per half hour, or $60 per hour (including GST).


Simply send us an email to stating your age, dance background, current dance level (if you are not dancing with us), and an outline of what days and times best suit you. We endeavour to get back to all email enquires within 24 hours.